Paint By Numbers


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released May 31, 2013



all rights reserved


SIREN SONGS Vancouver, British Columbia

demo 2011 recorded by lenny
paint by numbers recorded by mike g at the hive, remastered by lenny
pictures by kara

paint by numbers artwork done by sylvie ls
all songs by siren songs.
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Track Name: 4th Fret
you take back the words you said, you say you're dead inside
you act like the only one who's dead
you went away there's proof on the floor, i'm so sick of waiting around
of not wanting more
and you look me in the eye, reading my made-up mind
you hide behind that sober hair, dressed so nice, but so unaware
just one drink, like you're better.
you didn't believe me.
Track Name: Secrets
what have we got to say that hasn't been said
why'd you look away? are we better off as just friends?
and i've got pieces of the park stashed from nights spent avoiding collison, making room for confusion, we lock ourselves in.
endless be-e-e-eers.
spend another year, spend another year
writing stupid songs and sing-a-longs that no one wants to hear
and i've got pieces of the park stashed from nights we spent walking
and i've got reason for everything you don't know
and i've got a hand if you wanna hold it
I've got whiskey if it gets cold out
I've got reason for everything you don't know
I've got reason for everything (at least I hope so)
Track Name: Grievances
any grievances i have, i grieve them to you
believe me when i say i'd like nothing better
but my words they lie, i'm thinking about other guys
but for now this is what works

any thoughts i have, i keep them at bay
reasons i can't ignore, moves i should have made
but my moves they lie
if i hurt you, i'd rather die

(this is what works. is this what works?)
Track Name: Its Not Me
who's supposed to be mad, is it me or is it you?
anything i say please don't take to heart
stare at the floor, your face is red, you look away
summer's gone, it started raining today.

and i don't remember chasing you
but my memory's been battered and bruised
the look on your face, saying why should i feel this way?

and how can i get better at this?
you take it and you bottle it up, bottle to get through to you

and i don't remember wanting you
sat on the porch like none of us knew
the look on your face, saying maybe im losing my mind
Track Name: Occupied
cloud your memory by drinking heavily but the shit still stains the floor
i don't wanna feel this way
a part of me that's dead but the thought's in my head
resurface now and then to keep me warm

and now i'm burning, my shirt is soaked right through
occupied by no one but you
it'll never be enough for me to fill the boots you wear
because the sole* has been worn down

(sole/soul: doub' ENTENDRE)
Track Name: 5th Fret
got an aching in my gut, some sort of feeling but i don't know what
the birds are headed east and i'm heading back on my own now
back to the rain
clouds sit low in the hills, seems it's always been that way
and i'm painting by numbers now, but all I ever get is grey
and back to the rain
hold my face close for a reason, so you can read my teardrops
and i'm painting by numbers now, but all i ever get is grey