demo 2011


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released September 11, 2011



all rights reserved


SIREN SONGS Vancouver, British Columbia

demo 2011 recorded by lenny
paint by numbers recorded by mike g at the hive, remastered by lenny
pictures by kara

paint by numbers artwork done by sylvie ls
all songs by siren songs.
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Track Name: nuclear son
you're not listening to me, not a word i speak darlin' please
heal me with your calm breath skin so soft sex magic dreams no fantasy i heard you called back, missed it, so sadistic, i'll see you in my dreams

im not the one just a nuclear son of a poor loving father
im not the one just a cynical son of new found mother

forgot your number soak up the summer, i'm happier when i'm with my friends
so sadistic you called back i missed it, maybe i'll see you in my dreams

(ple-ee ple-ee ple-ee-ease)
Track Name: victim of discontent
said it's okay if you wanna go away
cuz sometimes this city gets to me too
but you can't forget, its you that left
i'm content to stay and make the best of it

and in a funny way, i'd hope you stay
i'd put up with all your complaining
and we'd climb the ladder to the roof,
and shotgun beers in the photobooth
as long as you say Montreal can wait another day
Track Name: sunny days
been stuck with damp shoes and thinking of you
choked up on the telephone and i'm turning blue
what's it been? 3 weeks? 2 months? 24 years.
I didn't mean to let it, I didn't know

born with an instinct to be happy all of the time
is that a birth defect? cuz you act half dead
is it the moldy walls? or that you never leave the house?
i miss my old friends, i miss the gob couch

and i know you're thinking but, who are you thinking of?
im broke and drinking til these beers turn to dollar bills

i know you're thinking but you let you let your thinking slip
too early to be nostalgic, can't fix this sinking sinking ship
Track Name: cans on a shelf
sick of sitting around, staring at the ground,
stuck in my own mind, jealous of everyone
and i can't move myself independently
stuck on the same street in every town

and its just the same, you try to drink the same away
try to brush it off and you cough and cough
and cough and cough and cough

can't have feelings, cans on a shelf
tension ain't real, drink to yourself
Track Name: miles to go
how many songs have they writ about northern ontario?
how many have stood where sit, longing for warmth and a radio?

to talk about the world as if
it exists in only miles to go
and we wait for days,
and it rains, and rains.

hold it in there's nowhere safe to hide
medians hold memories we'd rather have lied about